Will Music’s Q4 Excitement Last Through the Streaming Era?

In recent years the biggest change that we have seen in technology is the way we listen to music. No more shucking around to multiple stores for your favorite CD, those days are long gone and streaming is to thank for that. For a $9.99 monthly subscription you can have unlimited access on your cell phones to more music than you’d ever dream of, all kinds of genres at the tip of your fingers, just like that.
With the growing power of streaming setting in, I started to think what does that mean for the music industry and the infamous fourth quarter sales, does the 4th quarter matter anymore, what’s the future look like? So I proposed the question to social media.
 The fourth quarter is traditionally a very lucrative time for the music industry, with its eyes set on cashing in during the Holiday months. Streaming on the other hand has turned that once guarantee cash-in into a holiday question mark, because let’s be serious who’s really giving physical CD’s as gifts in 2018? It seems as though several of my social media followers agree, commenting that streaming has changed the game and Q4 is irrelevant.
One user chimed in via twitter to discuss the evolution of music, “the joy of getting music & the willingness to consume it is gone, for the most part. So yea, from a financial standpoint it doesn’t mean much….but I still get some excitement to see how people are going to end the year.”
As of now, streaming may be on target to interrupt the Q4 excitement in the future, but like many music lovers the nostalgia that comes with seeing how music wraps up for the year is still present.

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