TIDAL Stands Alone Among Streaming Services with Exclusive Hip-Hop Content

Since Tidal’s release in 2015 much can be said about the music streaming service, but one thing that cannot is it’s lacking in content..especially Hip-Hop content.
TIDAL, is a Hip-Hop lover’s playground. With exclusive releases and original content leading the pack. In addition, Tidal highlights and celebrates all genres, making it a well rounded and high quality sounding subscription service. Tidal was created by the Norwegian tech company Aspiro and then was sold to rapper and businessman Jay-Z for $56 million dollars in 2014.
Other than the exclusive releases Tidal offers, podcasts, original content and playlist. For example, the featured podcast includes Elliott Wilson and B.Dot with Rap Radar Podcast, Fat Joe’s Coca Vision, D’USSÉ Friday with Memphis Bleek, and Joey Bada$$ 47 minutes just to name a few. Each podcast is authentic, groundbreaking and no 2 moments are alike. 
I foresee significant growth in Tidal’s future with the development of its original content. Subscribers have access to shows like Elliott Wilson’s Car Test, which has featured artist’s like 2 Chainz, Rapsody, Nipsey Hussle, Cozz and Meek Mill. As well as, Bless the Booth, Side Hustle and 5 Albums That Changed My Life, to name a few.
As far as Playlists go, Tidal has the game on lock. Whoever Elliott Wilson has on his team curating these legendary playlists deserves a raise, because WOW! I honestly lost my mind while listening to the “Malcolm X Speeches”, “Aggressive Content” and “Best Rap Album Openers” playlist. The overall selection and concept is dope.
Ultimately,  I am in the business of supporting people that look like me. Tidal is Black owned, rich in Hip-Hop and the quality of work is remarkable. As Hip-Hop culture continues to take over, It makes sense that we support our own during the movement.

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