The Grammy’s Been Clueless

With music’s biggest night behind us I just have one question- Why does Hip hop long for Grammy validation?
I can’t comprehend why hip hop yearns for Grammy acceptance. Over the years we’ve protested time and again against discrimination and for a more inclusive Grammy board, It’s never-ending! Why are we constantly looking for a seat at their table? Sometimes I think hip hop culture forgets that we are the table, legs, nuts, bolts, and chairs of this thing, nevertheless, It’s an odd paradox to see us in. For 30+ years hip hop has transcended into popular culture and continues to move the needle on what’s cool and creative in the world. So frankly, it’s fuck the Grammy’s we’ll never get the proper just due from them. Every year the academy proves how culturally clueless it is and every year we pull at their ankles like toddlers demanding attention. It’s time hip hop flexes all of its caches because after all, hip hop doesn’t need the Grammy’s, the Grammy’s need hip hop!
Image: via Google images

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