Taqi’s 10 Must-Haves for Festival Season

Festival season is here! As we get ready to board our flights, plan road trips, book hotels, let’s not forget about the little things. I’ve compiled a list of must-haves for festival goers. Whether you are a festival virgin or a seasoned veteran this simple checklist should keep you on your toes.
  1. Comfortable Shoes
Let me stress the importance of comfortable shoes right now. Please do not be the person wearing heels, platforms, flip flops, open toe shoes period throw that idea out! Standing up dancing for 11 hours is stressful enough in sneakers, you’ll thank me later.
  1. Portable Charger (make that 2)
In the past I have fallen victim to not being this prepared, but no worries I have corrected the error in my ways. In the era of doing it for the ‘gram’/’snap’ it’s important that your phone never dies, I mean how else are you supposed to prove that you just had the time of your life? I’m trying to save you from auctioning off your alcohol or spliff (joint, blunt etc.) for 15 minutes of charge, that’s it.
           Honest Moment: I was that person a few years ago, I had to get Beyonce footage, sue me!
  1. Sunglasses
I know I don’t have to tell you guys to bring sunglasses, I mean some of you wear sunglasses at night in the club. Shades are necessary because how else do you expect to disguise your buzz? Oh yea and the sun can be brutal of course.
  1. Hat/Scarf
I’m a firm believer in wearing a hat any and everywhere. Usually music festivals are in sandy/dusty locations and a hat or scarf isn’t a bad item to help keep the dust out of your hair and eyes.
           Honest Moment: I’m natural, humidity is crazy and shrinkage is not on my side so a hat is a must!
  1. Dope Outfit
Music Festivals are a place to flaunt your creativity and what better way than through your clothing.
  1. Backpack or Fanny Pack
You need a place to hold your keys, money, merchandise, portable chargers, chapstick and stashed alcohol right? Okay, I rest my case.
  1. Open Mind
Music Festivals always bring an array of musicians together so be open minded and check out as many different sets as you can, you may leave with a refreshed playlist.
  1. Good Crew
Without a good festival crew you’re doomed. Enough said!
  1. A Solid Pre-Game
A pre-game is essential if you’re a drinker or smoker. After all you may fail at sneaking in that flask full of alcohol you had for an emergency. Plus drink prices are unreal and half of the time they only offer beer, so trust me flourish during the pre-game. Also, if you’re a smoker please have your own spliff (joint, blunt etc.) ready to go, they hide well FYI.
  1. Water
STAY HYDRATED! I’ve been in entirely too many crowds where passing out due to dehydration was the norm. It’s not healthy so please take care of yourself. I know some festivals like Made in America will allow you to bring in an empty water bottle and they’ll have water stations scattered throughout the festival grounds for fill up, so take advantage.
I hope this checklist helped, now go forth and enjoy yourself! Don’t forget to Hashtag #TaqisTake.

Taqi at ‘Made In America’ circa 2016

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