28. Migos “NO LABEL II”

June 3, 2014
Migos have been running shit and contributing to the vibes in a major way for several years now, but during the summer of 2014 when No Label II was released, The Migos didn’t just contribute they were the vibes! Hits like, “Fight Night”, “Handsom & Wealthy”, “Freak No More” take me back to those days of my friends and I being young and wild’n out. I love this project, it’s important to my evolution in the 2010s, The End.
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27. Rapsody “LAILA’S WISDOM”

September 22, 2017
I enjoy listening to great rappers rap, especially when they’re women! North Carolina’s Rapsody is indeed a great rapper. The way she plays with words,  metaphors and double entendre is out of this world, spitting serial killer bars on every record. She maintained her usual level of excellence with her Sophomore album Laila’s Wisdom, it’s fantastic. Plus it automatically gets an extra layer of praise from me after Rapsody held her on on a track with a God MC like Black Thought and Kendrick Lamar. I’m not debating any of you niggas about Rapsody. 
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26. Wale “AMBITION”

November 1, 2011
They gon’ love me for my ambition. – Wale “Ambition”
If there’s one artist from the 2010s that’s far from fleeting it is Wale. I don’t think there’s anyone that wants it more than him. This decade wouldn’t be the same without Wale’s contribution to the culture. His sophomore album Ambition is my favorite contribution though. Records such as, “Lotus Flower Bomb”, “Slight Work”, “Ambition”, “Illest Bitch”, and “The Way” etc have been constant fixtures on my playlists throughout the years.
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25. Fabolous ” SOUL TAPE 2″

November 22, 2012
One could argue that mixtape Fab is the best Fab. Throughout his impressive twenty-plus year career we have seen Fabolous seamlessly transition from one decade to the next. His influence on the culture is evident and I believe his mixtapes are to thank. Choosing my most beloved body of work wasn’t difficult, it’s apart of the Soul Tape series. Soul Tape 2 to be more specific. It’s a cinematic body of work, one of those let’s take a late-night drive and cruise to.
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April 6, 2018
If Cinderella was a real person her name would be Cardi B. After her 2017 hit, “Bodak Yellow” shut the summer down all anyone could talk about was Bardi and when we would get her debut album.
Invasion of Privacy was received with immense amount of support and really good reviews. I had it on my albums of 2018 list. This album took Cardi back to the Grammy’s where she ultimately won for Best Hip-Hop Album.
For me I simply love the album because I cheered for Cardi like she was my cousin. I wanted to see her win. Her rags to riches life,(”Get Up 10”) is inspiring. She has evolved from the strip clubs and mixtapes, Cardi arrived as an artist with Invasion of Privacy. 
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