Music Cravings

This afternoon I went on an adventure to Queens. Today’s quest called for a good ol train ride. Now since COVID-19, the train has been a foreign means of transportation for me, but I reluctantly managed. Back to the story Taq. So while on my mission from Brooklyn to Queens, I had one song in mind, but I couldn’t remember the song title, the artist, or how the song even went. See my dilemma? I then spent the next 3 hours on the train, humming a variety of tunes and thinking of associated artists and still nothing! It was at that moment when I began to feel vulnerable and a little exposed. I even asked myself questions like, “am I a music fraud?”- Am I?
Eventually, I made it back home, settled in, and then it happened, “Wanna be around, wanna be around girl, wanna be around girl, ohh wanna be around” It came to me in pieces. The melody was first. Then the chorus and finally the artist’s name. The song I desperately wanted to hear was “Coming Home” by Leon Bridges. I spent the next hour and a half going down a Leon Bridges wormhole. I traveled through the new stuff, old stuff, music videos, and an NPR Tiny Desk Concert. I even scrolled down Instagram to make sure I hadn’t missed other music.
So in all, today’s music craving was fulfilled, and it was delicious. I don’t think my anxiety would’ve settled for less- haha. 

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