November 29, 2018
Meek Mill is different, he’s always been different, but the caliber of rapping on Championships is Big different! He samples and destroys Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight”, prepping us for what’s ahead. Now the tone is set, let’s go, (“Intro”). Transitioning to another classic sample, Mobb Deeps “Get Away”, Meek gets ferocious. You feel his aggravation and pain in your gut, “I was on the corner with the reaper and they got us warring for our freedom. See my brother’s blood on the pavement. How you wake up in the mornin’ full of evil?”, (“Trauma”). Meek continues to build on each song becoming more luminous as Championships progresses. Grown man raps are next, (“What’s Free”). He then dives into the evils of the streets, (“Respect the Game”), (“Oodles O’ Noodles Babies”). Lightens the mood and takes us to Dyckman, (“Uptown Vibes”) and dazzles the ladies with his softer side, (“24/7”) and (“Dangerous”). A defining album for not only Meek Mill but for the decade.

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