10. Nipsey Hussle “CRENSHAW”

October 8, 2013
Prior to 2013, I wouldn’t say that I was a  Nipsey Hussle fan. There was a song here and there that would peak my interest, but nothing that compares to now. Eventually that all changed with the release of his mixtape Crenshaw. Here’s my initial reaction to hearing about it’s release.
”Proud to Pay? $100 for a mixtape!!?!? Is this guy nuts? I can get it free online, why pay a $100?”
After reading articles and watching interviews I not only understood, but respected what Nipsey was doing, it was genius marketing. Now all that was left was for him to deliver quality work and man did he! Crenshaw was crisp, energetic and well-executed. Nip had me feeling like I was out West experiencing life with him, (”U See Us”), (”Checc Me Out”). I zoned out and focused on my future to, (”The Weather”) & (”All Get Right”). He had me riding around VA imagining I was in a Cutlass, (”Summertime in That Cutlass”). Talked to me nicely on (”4 in the Mornin”) & (”Come Over”). Nipsey Hussle forced me to appreciate his gift. I was left with no choice, but to feel him. Crenshaw’s legacy is forever cemented in this decade releases.

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