I just don’t know, I’m tired!

Bear with me a minute. I’m trying to catch my breath and organize my thoughts because I’m not okay!
I saw a post on Instagram that said, “Racism is not getting worse, it’s getting filmed”. There’s a lot of truth behind that. We’ve seen too much.
My godson once asked me for a toy gun when he was 5 years old and I had to tell him no. Then I had to explain to him why that particular gift is off-limits, “police are killing Black boys (Tamir Rice) for playing with toy guns and they are not being held accountable”. TRAUMA!
Like the time I saw my little brother walking at night with his hood on (Trayvon Martin) and made him get in the car and told him, “don’t do that”. TRAUMA!
Like the times I’ve seen police brutalize Black men and women and use the excuse “resisting arrest”. TRAUMA!
Like the anxiety that runs through every Black person’s body when being pulled over by police. The stress of not knowing if this will be the last face you see (Sandra Bland, Philando Castile). TRAUMA!
Like countless times, white people have weaponized their privilege to cause harm against Black people. TRAUMA!
I have not lived in a country where being Black wasn’t a crime.
I’m tired!
I have no more wishes for this country and how Amerikkka has policed and victimized Black bodies. I only have demands.
Wishes, negotiating, and understanding by Black people have fallen on Amerikkka’s deaf ears time and time again. The promised land of equality is a lot further than we hoped for and as long as we play by their rules we’ll never reach it.
How much longer must we be slaughtered, falsely incriminated, abused, and marginalized before something changes?
No more wishes please, just demands and repercussions.
I’m tired. This is too much & I’m not okay.
The energy is different and it’s been different. The pot is boiling over.
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The Grammy’s Been Clueless

With music’s biggest night behind us I just have one question- Why does Hip hop long for Grammy validation?
I can’t comprehend why hip hop yearns for Grammy acceptance. Over the years we’ve protested time and again against discrimination and for a more inclusive Grammy board, It’s never-ending! Why are we constantly looking for a seat at their table? Sometimes I think hip hop culture forgets that we are the table, legs, nuts, bolts, and chairs of this thing, nevertheless, It’s an odd paradox to see us in. For 30+ years hip hop has transcended into popular culture and continues to move the needle on what’s cool and creative in the world. So frankly, it’s fuck the Grammy’s we’ll never get the proper just due from them. Every year the academy proves how culturally clueless it is and every year we pull at their ankles like toddlers demanding attention. It’s time hip hop flexes all of its caches because after all, hip hop doesn’t need the Grammy’s, the Grammy’s need hip hop!
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31. Nipsey Hussle ”VICTORY LAP”

February 16, 2018
 I ain’t nothing like you fucking rap niggas- Nipsey Hussle “Rap Niggas”
It’s next to impossible to discuss albums of the 2010s without mentioning Nip Hussle Tha Great’s Victory Lap.  Personally, it gives me the same motivational and prolific feels as Jay-Z’s debut and classic Reasonable Doubt. Since Nipsey’s untimely March 31, 2019, passing it has been difficult for me to listen and write about his music especially this album, so for more insight visit my 2018 review on Victory Lap. The Marathon Continues.
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September 28, 2012
 There was no sophomore slump in sight when Miguel released Kaleidoscope Dream. He is electrifying, lustful, hypnotizing, unpredictable, and lovely throughout. Kaleidoscope Dream gives you new ways to say I love you, (“Adorn”). While leaving you yearning and dripping for more, (“Use Me”), progressively intensifying, (“Arch & Point”). He stirs up the warm spots in your stomach leaving you with no choice, but to acknowledge them, (“The Thrill”), it’s not all about sex with Miguel he also touches on our inner humanity, (”Candles in the Sun”). The decade and R&B wouldn’t be the same without Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream.
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29. Childish Gambino “Awaken, My Love!”

December 2, 2016
A modern-day Renaissance Man!
Childish Gambino’s talents are far from singular he’s a writer, actor, rapper and singer. Excelling at each one individually. Zoning in on his music career the project that catches my ear is his third album, Awaken, My Love! Gambino teamed up with longtime collaborator Ludwig Goransson to push Hip-Hop’s boundaries. Together the pair created an eclectic and at times haunting sound. The funkadelic energy is reminiscing of Atlanta’s legendry group OutKast. Awaken, My Love! is a moment for the decade and Hip-Hop.
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